Hi, I’m Afraaz and I built this website as part of an extracurricular program at my school called GAT (Gifted and Talented). The aim that I want to acheive through this site is making an educational learning zone that is fully focused on science for the NSW (New South Wales) Curriculum. The GAT program is there to extend the minds of students and to give them a taste of reality and determination and that only they are the one who do the work. Through GAT, as I have seen and experienced, kids transform into adults with a level of maturity like none other. So thank you for all the help in this journey to:

My Teacher: Mrs Zeenat Khan, who allowed me to enter this program and let me experience the reality and seriousness of GAT.

My GAT Mentor: Mr Jimmy D’Alessio, for having meetings with me and encouraging me to do this project and guiding me to pace myself.

My School Principal: Mrs Ola Issa, for allowing me to do GAT last year and giving me all the support I needed.

My father: Zaakiy Siddiqui, Who dumbed down the coding part of the site for me and was my ‘tech support guy’ at home. Also, thank you for paying a for cloud services that helped me immensely through my journey.